Patrician Mentality

This is so delusional, it’s even kind of sad. Rufo did the boring grunt work. And did it, and did it, and did it again. That’s why he got results. A vapid gesture like that letter will never have an effect. It’s infantile, childish behavior that expects these kinds of things to work and produce results.

It’s the perfect illustration of what I described in the previous post. Patrician mentality of spoiled brats.

(For the non-US readers, Chris Rufo organized parents to stand up against indoctrination in schools, delivering a victory for Republicans in the Virginia governor election. Cathy Young signed a letter with a bunch of other people mildly squeaking something vague about illiberal ideology. Now she thinks that the results Rufo achieved are due to her single little squawk. Truly, many people have no perspective at all. And if you aren’t subscribed to Chris Rufo’s newsletter, please do. If nothing else, the guy is a study in relentless, hardworking, steely determination.)

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