Today N and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. The quality of our relationship improved dramatically as a result of getting married.

We celebrated by going to a trampoline park for Klara, axe-throwing place for N, and a bookstore for me.

Hybrid War

On the border between Belarus and Poland, masked, heavily armed men are holding a crowd of people hostage, trying to push them to cross the border illegally. The armed men have dragged these people to the border in order to make them act as migrants, render the Polish border insignificant, and destabilize Poland. The goal is to have the fake migrants occupy parts of the Polish territory and then bring in troops to control the territory militarily under the pretext of defending their rights.

This is called hybrid war. It exists to advance a model of statehood that is an alternative to the rapidly collapsing nation-state. This model isn’t tied to the territory, like the nation-state is, but to the people. “Our country” isn’t the territory within these clearly demarcated borders any longer. Instead, “our country” is wherever “our people” are. People are a lot more portable than land. You can bring them anywhere and start refashioning the society where you now have “your people” in any way you want, including militarily. This has already been done to several countries.

While Americans have been gazing intently at their navels and debating the racistest racism of the racistest racisms, other people have come up with an alternative to the nation-state – a pretty terrifying alternative – and are putting it in practice.

Currently, there are several models of state governance that are being tried out around the world to substitute the nation-state. The one I described is Russian. China is trying out its own thing. Maybe they’ll soon combine their models. In the US, though, we are still stuck on who’s what color. Important things are happening around the world but we can’t be assed to notice.

P.S. That’s exactly how it started in Ukraine in 2014:

Who was it that said Putin will start invading again the monent Trump is gone and a weak president is installed in the US? Yes, I believe it was me.