Where Are the Republicans?

It would be very easy for any Republican politician to stand out as a leader by making a strong statement about due process, the constitution, law and order. “This is our victory” would be a great rallying statement. A unique opportunity to ride a wave of jubilant public sentiment.

Notice that Biden, Kamala, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Newsom, and the entire lineup of congressional Democrats all spoke out openly today in defense of a child rapist, a domestic abuser, and a grandma beater. Who on our side spoke in defense of Rittenhouse, found not guilty on all charges by a jury? Who are our leaders? Our champions? Do they exist?

Our opponents are so faithful to their cause, they’ll go to bat for a buggerer of little boys who ran around screaming the n-word in public. The cause stinks but you got to admire the loyalty. We have a much better cause but there’s no political force behind it.


It’s clearly a hung jury at this point, right?

The government outsourced its monopoly on violence to the BLM in 2020. And as a result, a teenager who tried to step into the void created by the government’s withdrawal from its duties will be either forced to accept a plea deal or will spend the rest of his life in endless trials.

Releasing violent felons into a civilian population and letting them destroy and assault with impunity is a very old strategy of terrorizing people into compliance. As I said before, BLM are the shock troops of the neoliberal biosecurity state.