Uniquely Naive


And then it’s going to be the smokers, the obese, the women with high-risk pregnancies that require a lot of medical attention. And so on and on.

In this environment, wishing for single-payer healthcare makes you uniquely naive.

Do you know why Cuba has such low infant mortality rates? Because women like me aren’t allowed to carry our complicated pregnancies to term. Abort or you won’t get medical help, you old / diabetic / hypertensive / something else bitch who’s likely to cloud our beautiful stats with your reproductive problems.

One thought on “Uniquely Naive

  1. So, allegedly, the medication that the unvaccinated conspiracy theorists claim works for early treatment is worse than useless. Why not simply let these conspiracy theorists get treated with these cheap useless medicines and deny them the lifesaving super-expensive treatment that takes away so many resources? Sounds like a win to me – the conspiracy theorists get their just desserts and the health insurance companies save a bunch of money.

    But seriously, aren’t health insurance companies in the US private? Why is then the government trying to legislate what they will and will not pay for? Besides the questionable ethics, is this even legal? Or does the legislation only apply to Medicare? Quoting “freedom isn’t free” is a nice touch, extra points for that. Who writes these tweets for him? Goebbels?

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