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Bursting Bubbles

Eric Zemmour is Putin’s little bitch. Which means China’s little bitch. No matter how pretty his speeches are, he’s for globalism with a slightly different set of globalists in charge than the ones we have now.

I can’t stand people simping for this vile piece of Putinoid trash because he read a cutesy little speech.

Salvation won’t come from France. France is dead and buried. Let’s move on.


Ah, I see that Republicans are trying hard to lose next year’s midterms with their ludicrous attempts to repeal Roe. All of the suburban moms who just gave them Virginia and were moving away from the Dems because of school masking and vaccine mandates were too good to be acceptable. It’s now extremely necessary to scare them away and destroy the only legal foothold that those who oppose forced Pfizerization had.

Who cares about real victories when you can have symbolic ones? Let’s give the demoralized, flailing Dems a powerful issue to organize on and get out a tsunami of highly energized, passionate voters. Not a single abortion will be prevented by the repeal of Roe but who cares? As long as we can whelp “let’s go, Brandon” under our breaths, it’s victory enough.