Toys’ Medical Records

In Canada, a teacher brought the Christmas elf toy into the classroom and informed the kids that it’s ok because the elf is fully vaccinated. I wonder how the elf’s colorectal cancer screening went because we need a full medical history of each toy before children can play with it. Is Santa bringing a report from his urologist? Because there’s no place for him under our fully vaccinated and boosted Christmas tree if not.


Just as “the vaccinated” were getting used to being a superior caste, they’ve been demoted:

The moment you get distracted, you slide right into the category of dirty, untouchable vermin.

Soon enough there’s going to be the intersectionality of the fully boosted where fully boosted “people of color” will be considered more boosted than anybody else based on the historic injustices they’ve experienced.


Alex Berenson is explaining how to talk to well-meaning but confused acquaintances about COVID vaccines. Or, rather, how not to do it:

Don’t overwhelm them with detail. Marek’s disease, antibody-dependent-enhancement risk, healthy vaccine user bias, age stratification, clinical trial design manipulation, unadjusted confounders, declining titers, B-cell maturation, booster schedules, anti-idiotype antibodies, spike protein migration, vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia – don’t go there.

Unreported Truths.

The scary part is that I know exactly what each term means and can hold forth on each for at least 15 minutes with numbers, graphs, and a bibliography. I could have used that brain space for something more relevant to my interests and professional pursuits but no, I have to remember the extraordinarily boring (to me) shit about spike protein migration and declining titers. Because I wasn’t given a choice.

This is one of several reasons I will never vote for anybody who runs for any office as a Democrat for as long as I shall live. I didn’t want to learn about ADE but I was forced to against my will. This cannot be forgiven.

Berenson’s Substack is here.

In Your Face

Building management created a welcome mat that features the portraits of our senior administration and glued it to the floor at the entrance. Now you can’t come into the building without stomping on the faces of the chancellor, vice-chancellor, and the provost. I don’t know what the thinking was behind this project but it surely lifts the spirits of anybody who enters the building.

Another fun project my university did consisted in paying a gigantic amount of money for an enhanced police presence over the Thanksgiving break to catch drunk drivers on campus.

Guess what is entirely absent from a campus during Thanksgiving, though? Right you are! Drivers! Everybody is away. The buildings are locked. The million-dollar campaign against drunk drivers caught exactly zero drivers. Because there were no drivers.

A million dollars is the entire yearly budget of my department. It would have been better used catching birds in the classrooms because it’s annoying to have a bird fly into your face when you enter the room. (True story).

Courts and Meds

Here in Illinois, a lawyer had to go to court to get his dying patient treated with Ivermectin. The court mandated treatment, and the patient recovered and went home. The patients who don’t have a lawyer weren’t so lucky.

It’s really gotten way too insane if a cheap, widely available treatment isn’t prescribed for purely political reasons and dying patients need to send lawyers to pleas with the court to let them get the medication they need.

This patient almost died because it was convenient for somebody to make the political point that COVID is untreatable. Think about it. This should be a national scandal. There should be an investigation into how many people did die because they were refused a six-dollar pill.