Great Resolution

As people are picking out their New Year’s resolutions, I highly recommend resolving to take two months off any print and television news. Close your eyes and scroll through if you catch a glimpse on social media. Mute anybody in your feed who is likely to link to any news. Turn away from the screen, squint, recite poetry in your mind to drown it out.

The photo is from a Christmas event earlier today and unrelated to the news. I’m trying to make my excellent suggestion more eye-catching.

Found in Translation

Translation: there is a plan in place to unleash a wave of violence on the UK, targeting, first, poor, immigrant and non-white neighborhoods, and then moving on to destroy the middle-class ones. The wealthy will applaud and cheer on the “anti-racist” scourge visited on the hoi polloi.

Remember: “institutional racism” and “anti-racist” mean austerity, violence and immiseration. These are words used to con us, and they will keep working until we feel anything but contempt and disgust for them and those who say them.

Age and Sensibility

I find that with age all physical sensations become a lot more intense, and all emotional ones a lot more muted. Drinking water, sleeping, breathing in the crisp morning air – these all feel intense like nothing I experienced in my youth. When I was young, I was all feeling. And now I’m a lot more about physical experiences.