Friends, have you seen the Dollar Store? It has now become the $1.25 store but that’s not even the main problem. It’s empty. I came to get supplies for the art room at church but there’s nothing here. I went through several aisles and everything either shrank or disappeared.

This is a calamity for low-income people. They are being robbed to put more money into Pfizer’s pocket.

2 thoughts on “Calamity

  1. China makes pretty much everything at Dollar stores, and China has been on lock down since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Everything is just naturally going to get more expensive anyway. The Chinese no longer care about making little trinkets for the global market, they want into the high-tech economy. This means the world will no longer have over 1 billion people willing to make the cheap stuff you find at Walmart and Dollar Stores.


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