Because Omicron

So remember that story about my friend who was turning 70, and her adult children were throwing her a surprise birthday party?

Well, the party’s been cancelled. Not by the friend, mind you, but by the adult children. Because Omicron. Omicron, what? Nobody knows but it’s sooooo scary.

This confirms my opinion that the GenXers and the Millennials are the worst on COVID. The 70-year-old friend has taught in person throughout COVID, and travels intensely. Her position is, “we all are going to bite it at some point but I want to enjoy my life while I’m alive.”

I’m upset. I was looking forward to this party. Even N wanted to go.

Just Like

That’s exactly what we are always told about all vaccines. Polio, Hepatitis, chicken pox, measles. That’s why we all get revaccinated with them every few months. It’s also why so many people get infected with these illnesses after getting vaccinated and revaccinated.


Thank you, everybody, for the suggestions for an alt-turkey Christmas dinner. The popular option was ham. I looked it up online but my brain doesn’t read it as food. Thousands of years of genetic memory rebel and make pork repellent to me.

So I decided to make beef bourguignon. Our Christmas dinner is tomorrow. Today we are going to the night service at church, and even N wants to come.

Abusive Saint

Oh, he did a lot. He choked a woman half to death while robbing her at gunpoint. He shot a guy in the head, putting him in a vegetative state. He shot yet another man during a carjacking. The shamelessness of this narrative about yet another sainted violent criminal and abuser of women is unbelievable.