Hysterics Win

Today it was announced that we are teaching online next week. What will happen after that, nobody knows. I’m now somehow supposed to redo my entire course in 3 days. I have no idea how to do that because it’s not a lecture course.

It’s very upsetting. In spite of the cold, I left campus and went for a walk because I’m at the point of screaming at somebody. I need to walk it off.


People who have COVID can return to campus after 10 days since the positive test.

People who have been exposed to a COVID positive person but are testing negative can return to campus after 14 days.

Yes, the CDC guidelines are different. But who cares? This is all completely arbitrary and has always been.

The New Normal Homicide

Since 2019, homicides have gone up by 178% (not a typo) in Austin, Texas and by 150% in Portland, Oregon. Overall, across the country homicides increased by 45%.

Importantly, the actual gigantic jump in homicides happened in 2020 and it started right when the BLM riots began. In 2021, the sky-high murder rate of 2020 was maintained with a slight overall increase of a little over 5%.

There’s good news, though! In Jacksonville, Florida homicides went down by 19% since 2019.