Let My People Go

The CDC now says that about 50,000 people died in the US from COVID proper. In a bad flu season, about 60,000 die. In one year. This is no longer “a conspiracy theory.” The CDC has now officially acknowledged all this.

Can we all just get back to our lives now?

Link of the Day

Here’s a poignant article by Jordan Peterson about the collapse of crucial civilizational achievements in Canada. I had to do “remote teaching” today and I’m very angry. I spent two hours trying to devise a simple activity that would be easy to do in the classroom but turns into a joke on Zoom. I feel like I’m doing a piss-poor job and stiffing students. This sucks. Peterson is right. It’s time to put a deadline on this insanity and decide to move the fuck on already.

Better Late

Well, I’m glad this has been officially recognized, even though everybody who wanted to know this a year ago could have easily done so.

The CDC also officially recognized that the majority of deaths that have been coded as COVID deaths were actually deaths with COVID, meaning that the people who died from whatever other cause while also testing positive for COVID were counted as COVID deaths. This, again, has been clear since April 2020.

What really disturbs me is that nobody is feeling angry and duped by all this. What CDC director Walensky is saying is not a recent discovery. This information has been available from the start. But now Walensky is presenting it as something new.

A Different Oz

To our shock, we discovered that there are 22 books in the Wizard of Oz series. In the USSR, we only had two. They were exactly the same but Dorothy was called Ellie and the slippers were a different color. Oh, and the wicked witch of the East was called Gingham. The most ridiculous part is that the books were published under a Soviet writer’s name and L. Frank Baum wasn’t credited anywhere in them. That’s probably the most blatant case of Soviet plagiarism I’ve ever seen.

The 22 books translate into 90 hours of listening pleasure, so my daughter is MIA, lost in the imaginary world of Ozma (who even knew there was an Ozma in Oz?) and Glinda.