Worse than Tacos

The only thing more disgusting than tacos are wonton tacos. Greasy, chewy, nasty things. Extremely messy and uncomfortable to eat, too.

Happy Day

For fans of Elizabeth George’s Lynley/Havers series, this is a happy day because a new book dropped today. 700 pages, and Deborah makes a huge appearance. Fans have been begging for more Deborah for years, and dreams do come true.

Also, Lisa Gardner is releasing a new novel next week. John Lescroart will come out with a new Dismas Hardy in March, and Sophie Hannah is dropping a new Zailer/Waterhouse on January 27 but in the UK only. Obviously, I ordered a copy to be mailed to me from the UK.

This is shaping up to be a great year.


Given that everybody will get infected with COVID eventually, it makes sense to have a COVID pack on the ready. If it hits you bad, I promise you will be lucky to have the energy to carry a pill to your mouth, let alone figure out where to get it.

Prepare vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin C. Ideally, start taking them now and double the dosage if you get COVID. Flu medicine doesn’t help much but it doesn’t hurt. Makes you feel like you are doing something.

One of those oxygen meters you can get cheaply. They help the hypochondriacs avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. If your oxygen saturation is over 90, don’t go. They won’t keep you unless you need oxygen.

A pack of cigarettes. When it’s between going on a ventilator and taking a few puffs, virtue can lose for a change. People who don’t see a difference between being a heavy habitual smoker with emphysema and taking a couple of emergency puffs should buzz off immediately. The mechanism is still unclear. Maybe smoking blunts the cytokine storm response, maybe nicotine competes for the same receptors. It’s been studied some but not much because VIRTUE.

People are making stocks of food but, honey, if you have COVID and you can still think about food, what you got ain’t COVID. It’s the sniffles, so just order takeout and leave everybody in peace.

If you are going to take hydroxichloroquine or ivermectin, make sure you get your prescription filled in advance. It’s easier to find a doctor to prescribe than a pharmacy to fill. And if you get to the point where you need it, I promise you won’t be able to go into that battle.

Also, remember that in a bad infection, there are usually two waves. The second one tends to be worse. Once the first wave of symptoms subsides, people tend to think they are getting better and freak out when it suddenly gets much worse.

If anybody has more suggestions that helped them or somebody they know, please share.