Heavy Burden

It’s a heavy, heavy burden to be such a great cook. Those fish kotlety came out divine. The little bastards are so light, they slide in one after another.

My little enemies

It’s easy to be slender when you can’t cook worth a damn. But what do you do when you are spectacular?


Terry Teachout, a theater and movie critic, died in his sleep at the age of 65. This is very sad. His wife died 1,5 years ago, and he was devastated. But then recently it looks like he met somebody he was ready to take on a first date. . . Really sad. Sixty-five is nothing these days. It’s no age to die.


And Trudeau backpedaled on the vaccine mandates for truckers. These are good news.

I’ll make fish kotlety to celebrate.

Child Sacrifice

I’m guessing it probably didn’t get better in 2021. This is a horrifying development. These children were sacrificed for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and it’s not like anything changed since these numbers came out.

The only thing we can do is to vote for people who support a complete and unconditional reopening of schools and all children’s activities immediately, no lockdowns, no mask mandates. And no Democrats in any office ever again under any scenario.

The Left We Get

I mean, seriously. The only thing he can come up with is to pump more public money into private pockets. Is there any agenda on the left that’s about anything else? Is there any interest in anything that isn’t large-scale privatization? Anything at all?