Stretchable Saturdays

Today I did the following:

  1. Slept until 10 am
  2. Made pea soup from scratch
  3. Played with Klara outside
  4. Took Klara to her art lesson
  5. Took Klara to the children’s museum
  6. Worked on my article
  7. Went to the gym
  8. Marinated chicken for tomorrow (the pea soup has magically evaporated)
  9. Had a very long bath
  10. Read half of a book
  11. Spent time romantically with my husband

I also won today’s Wordle and played my video games for an hour.

Saturdays rule.

Reality vs Narrative

There is a fair number of laboratories in Ukraine where viruses are studied. There are nuclear reactors. Chemical labs.

Now imagine all of it getting bombed, looted, taken over by criminal gangs. Look what one single virus that escaped from a lab did to us. Imagine several dozen much worse ones going into circulation simultaneously.

This is another answer to those who don’t understand why they need to care about Ukraine when it distracts them from navel-gazing.

Contrary to popular opinion, reality doesn’t care about our narratives.