Whose Side Is Biden On?


And after this, somebody is still going to tell me the Biden administration isn’t completely on Putin’s side? This is an utterly ludicrous statement that gives Putin exactly what he wants. As Biden has done from day 1.

We all know about the bribes Biden received from the Russians through his son. Why would he all of a sudden be against Russia? Why would he be against a fellow open-border globalist and in favor of nationalism and real borders?

Biden is completely pro-Russia, just as he made clear when he casually undid all the great work that Trump had done on Nordstream 2.

Book Notes: Sophie Hannah’s The Couple at the Table

While Americans are engaging in a scheduled installment of their favorite ritualistic masturbation session around “the n-word,” I want to share that the newest cozy mystery by Sophie Hannah is excellent. Hannah has been writing Agatha Christie mysteries (which I don’t read), and studying the founder of the genre has done wonders for Hannah’s contemporary novels.

The characters in this novel are absolutely horrid, the mystery is really cozy, the ending is great. What I really enjoy is that the victim and the victimizer are total bitches from hell. There are no good guys here. Everybody is either a pathetic weakling or a vicious narcissist. So much fun! Highly recommended.

Validating Dominion

Does anybody on here watch Ozark? In the new season, they completely validated the Dominion voting machines narrative. The word “dominion” isn’t used but there’s a plot arc about a tech company allied with a corrupt politician from Chicago that manufactures voting machines that can falsify election results. A German engineer tries to blow the whistle, and they murder him.

I don’t believe in the Dominion narrative, by the way. To me, the 2020 election was falsified through mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and social media censorship. Still, it’s interesting that the narrative appears in a rabidly leftist TV show.

It’s Only the Beginning

As COVID recedes, the bio-tech totalitarianism becomes ever more coercive and rabid. GoFundMe has slandered and robbed the Canadian protesters. Spotify is deleting Joe Rogan’s episodes by the dozen. Twitter is banning moderate teachers. Airbnb is banning the relatives of customers whose views it doesn’t approve. And these are the events of just a single day. All of this happened yesterday. All of this is only the beginning.