Snow Gear

Klara’s school is telling us to send kids to school tomorrow in snow gear. Given that it snows exactly once every three years around here, what’s the likelihood of people owning snow gear or stores carrying it? Obviously, it’s negligible. I couldn’t even find a pair of waterproof mittens at the 4 stores I visited. Because it never snows!

People think that all of Illinois is like Chicago but this is a large state. Where I am is very far from the lakes and right by the Mississippi.

Stop Caring

Yesterday I was at an indoor event with about 40-45 people. Only two wore a mask. Everybody was kind to them.

We still have a mandate but people have stopped caring. This is the only way to end the insanity: stop caring and live like it doesn’t exist. And by insanity, I mean all of it, not just the COVID-related stuff.

Who Invented Insurrection/Occupation?

It’s totally the same PR firm that came up with the “January 6 insurrection” and “Ottawa trucker occupation*.” Both “insurrection” and “occupation” are outdated and appeal to the slightly nerdy “good boy / girl” sensibility of the target audience. The two words even rhyme, which tells me they are a product of a single mind. Or a single working group.

I wonder how much this PR firm was paid for the “insurrection / occupation” branding campaign.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” was also created by a PR company. Or marketing, branding, whatever they are called now. It’s neat, it’s easy to remember, it suddenly appeared everywhere, like an ad jingle. In fact, it was an ad jingle, and it sold the product it aimed to sell extremely well.

* Pro-government forces in Canada now refer to the trucker protest as “occupation.” Curiously, the same hardcore leftists who were all for #Occupy when it consisted of wealthy spoiled brats are now against “an occupation” when the actual proletariat does it.