Against Due Process

On my campus, a black student accused two students of racially motivated hate crimes. Police investigated. The accusations turned out to be fake. The accuser was charged.

The university administration issued a statement about the importance of due process and fairness.

In response, the faculty union is holding a protest “in support of black students” who are supposedly traumatized by hearing the words “due process and fairness”. The faculty members making these claims are, of course, white.

Every time I post these stories I want to start swearing that I’m not making this up. I’m really not making this up! It is absolutely that insane. It’s now considered normal and progressive openly to claim that black people hate fairness and due process. These were the actual words that were used.

Americans. Oh, Americans. The whole world stands in awe of due process. People dream about maybe their grandchildren one day living in a society that practices this concept. And you are throwing it away because of the ludicrous and offensive myth that it upsets black people. Which it does not, you incredible dummies.

Canadian Florida

Congratulations, Canada! It gets easier after a province pushes back against madness. Here in the US, every state won because Florida refused to go nuts. Like in a dysfunctional family, if one person seeks help and becomes healthy, other people don’t get magically cured but the shared nuttiness goes down a notch. Nobody is as much of a lunatic in the presence of the healthy relative.

Staying Awake

Klara woke me up at 3 am to ask me a profound philosophical question. Is it true that if yesterday was her last Monday as a 5-year-old, then today will be her last Tuesday as a 5-year-old?

After I confirmed, she fell asleep, but I didn’t. As a result I feel completely and utterly useless today. I’ll probably go home and sleep as soon as I summon enough energy to drag myself to the car.

While I tried to stay awake in the office, I played Russian Wordle about five million times. (Russian Wordle lets you play as much as you want. If you speak Russian, you are probably not much for rules and tend to be kind of obsessive, so it makes sense.) The Russian Wordle is the hardest because there aren’t that many 5-letter words, so it’s not easy to come up with good guess words. Of course, I still beat it but at least it wasn’t easy.