Lifetime Llama

Klara hates piñatas. Or rather, the custom of breaking them apart with sticks. (“It hurts the piñata’s feelings, Mommy!”)

As a result, she invented her own way of enjoying the 🪅, known as the “lifetime piñata.”

The way to play lifetime piñata is this. You fill a bowl with candy, cover it with a paper towel, and put the piñata on top. Then you give the piñata gentle touches, gently remove it, and eat the candy. And then spend a lifetime playing with the piñata.

“But Mommy, are you sure that it doesn’t hurt the candy’s feelings that we eat it?”

I have the perfect answer to this (we give food eternal life by eating it and making it part of our bodies, then our children’s bodies, etc), so we don’t have to play lifetime food and give it gentle touches.

No True Canadian

Trudeau is now blaming the trucker protest on Americans, saying that the protest is filled with Americans and funded by Americans. This is a welcome departure from the previous narrative about the truckers being Putin spies and / or Nazis but it’s still not a narrative that is going to bring him a lot of love. This whole “if you don’t do what I say, you aren’t a Canadian” spiel creates great resentment because people don’t like it when some slick bastard tells them he’ll decide if their citizenship is real.

Trudeau is floundering.


Actually, that’s not true. If you are under 40 and you haven’t gotten pregnant within a year of trying, you are considered infertile and should seek medical help. Under the age of 30, it’s completely abnormal. Let’s not stretch the concept of fertility into the infinity to service an agenda.

White Saviors

On my way to the weekly COVID test, I passed by the faculty protest in defense of black people from fairness and due process. It’s raining like a bastard so the people who turned out to stand in the rain on a Friday afternoon are true believers. There are nine total, and of course, they are all extremely white. I saw a black student make a sarcastic face as he passed by the “white silence is violence” sign.

I’m scheduled to give a public talk (IN PERSON!!! Yay!!) on white saviorism in Peru on Wednesday and in really looking forward to it.


Seriously, does anybody here have a female character who’s an adult woman, not a kid or a teenager, that they identify with? I read like a maniac, and all I can think of are García Lorca’s Bernarda Alba and Jane Doe from the previous post.

A million male characters feel perfectly relatable. But for female ones, I have to scrape the barrel very deep, and still there’s nothing.