What’s Next After Vaccines?

The government of Quebec plans to cancel vaccine passports starting on March 14.

Thing is, vaccines were always an excuse. They were training wheels for permanent suspensions of civil liberties, private property, etc. The moment Trudeau announced that you can be arbitrarily separated from your property, the vaccine passports became unnecessary.

Do you want to know the next step?

The next step is having to do specific things to deserve having access to your bank account. We are a short distance away from having to read certain material, watch certain videos, and post certain slogans to be able to access your own money.

Prove you don’t feel any sympathy for protesters. Film yourself throwing stones at them, vandalizing their houses, hurting their children. Make a public statement repudiating an ideologically unreliable friend or relative. Present an offer of proof to have your bank account unfrozen.

Everybody who showed their vaccine passport has contributed to making this possible. Remember, you can’t comply your way into something better. Compliance always invites more abuse.

No Drama

We have to provide syllabi for courses that haven’t been taught in forever. Everybody is running around like a beheaded chicken. “But what do we do? This is catastrophic! How do I create dozens of syllabi on the spot?”

I sat down and made 6 syllabi for different languages in under 10 minutes. What? How? The courses are intermediate conversation 2 in Greek, Russian, German, Italian, Arabic, and Yoruba. I took the existing syllabus for Spanish, did find and replace for the word “Spanish” and pasted photos of corresponding countries at the top. Changed the textbook, played around with fonts, so they don’t look identical, and it’s all done.

People are either pathologically honest or like needless drama.

State of Emergency

Why not just declare world war 3 against the protesters and be done with it? I don’t think that after two years of emergency orders, states of exception, quarantines, lockdowns, etc anybody will be much impressed with the emergencies act. Let’s go big and call this something serious like an apocalypse.

Oh, no, forget that one. It’s been done to death.

OK, I’ve got it! Am existential threat!

No, that one has been done, too.

How about sedition? Armed insurrection? Hitler? Nazis?

Nah, it’s all so 2021.

Any suggestions, anybody? Let’s help our boy Justin out.