Told You So

Not only is Bryan Cranston a lousy actor who completely spoiled Breaking Bad, he’s also a moron. The guy isn’t young. He achieved everything. Groveling and whelping like a pathetic, needy puppy at his age is unseemly and revolting.

And I said years ago he’s a shit actor.

Romantic Weather

Every time I plan to spend a romantic day with my husband and we both take vacation days, some sort of weather apocalypse ensues. First, it was a snowstorm. Now it’s freezing rain. Road closures haunt our romantic plans.

Before anybody starts smartassing about how road conditions relate to romantic dates, remember that we have a small child. If she’s not in school, nothing romantic is happening.

Laptop Recommendations

Folks, what’s a good laptop? I need recommendations. Not a Mac, not touchscreen, and ideally not one of those evil things where you have to log into Outlook every time you want to use it. Something that wouldn’t give me any trouble for at least 3 years and not run out of local memory immediately.

I’ve been extraordinarily unlucky with laptops. As a result, I have only desktops at home and at work. But now I need something portable. What would you get that’s low-maintenance, sturdy, and doesn’t have any unnecessary fanciness of touchscreens or other weird stuff? Size, weight, battery – none of that matters. I want something that I can open and start working. The last one I had couldn’t be started without Outlook, and I hate it for it.

And please don’t say refurbished if you don’t want to hurry me to my grave. I already had refurbished and am still waking up with night terrors from it.

Do you have a laptop that serves you well? Please drop links.

NYTimes Wordle

I’m liking the NYTimes Wordle a lot more than the original. I’m still undefeated in both English and Spanish but at least now words aren’t super easy. Yesterday, I actually had to make an effort.

Spanish almost defeated me a couple of days ago with the word “litio” (lithium) but I still won in the last-ditch effort.

In Russian I already lost several times because I can’t figure out the principle behind the choice of word forms and parts of speech. Some adverbs are allowed but some aren’t. The same for diminutives. Of course. We are Russian-speakers. The rules aren’t for us. We’ll do what the little toe on our left foot wants. I shouldn’t complain. I’m like that, too. I’m yet to meet a rule I didn’t immediately try to break.