Beyond the sheer lunacy of the ideas expressed here, this person doesn’t even speak correct English.

This is so poorly written that it’s embarrassing. Look at the highlighted sentence. Which isn’t even a sentence but a weird fragment.

Well, at least the article works great as an illustration of the cognitive problems I anticipate for the majority of the population.

Cognitive Inequality

I’m sure everybody heard by now that the CDC has dramatically lowered the early speech development expectations in children. What children used to be expected to be able to do at 24 months now isn’t expected until 30 months. This was done, of course, to hide the catastrophic speech delays suffered by a whole generation of children due to two years of unnecessary masking.

Speech development is linked to the development of every intellectual, psychological, and emotional capacity in small children. One of the most crucial needs of babies and toddlers is to see smiling, talking faces that they try to imitate.

The result of the mask idiocy is that all this will add to the cognitive inequality that is being manufactured at a rapid clip. There are kids whose parents have the intellectual sophistication to know all this and the interest / leisure / competence to obviate the dangers. And then there’s the majority who has zero understanding of any of this and hasn’t done anything. We aren’t simply talking about how many words a kid speaks by a certain age. This is a difference in when a secure sense of self begins to form as a child observes the faces of others and slowly figures out that they are different people. Different from each other and from the child.

Yes, there has always been cognitive inequality created by nature. But it’s being exacerbated with such intensity that one can only conclude this is done purposefully. First, it was portable screens, now it’s masks, isolation, Zoom school, cancellation of sports and activities for some kids, etc.

We Are Unsafe

That’s exactly what I was talking about yesterday. The next stage in the battle to ‘keep us safe’ from life will be tying us to our beds and feeding us through tubes. It’s a short distance from there to realize that the only thing that would keep us securely and clearly safe for ever and ever is if we didn’t live at all.

This is all, of course, a projection. The people who are ‘trying to keep us safe’ perceive us as a source of danger to them. They have a massive agenda, and we are endangering it with our endless whining about our rights, our needs, our children, our faces, our bodies.