Unexplored Depths

Now Biden is trying to reward Putin with a meeting. Which will raise Putin’s profile at home (“See? I got these American bitches crawl and beg while I conceded nothing”) and encourage him to continue doing exactly what he’s doing. This exact same strategy was already tried a year ago when Biden signed off on Nordstream 2. And now look at the result.

I thought I couldn’t find American foreign policy to be any more ludicrous and limp-wristed than it was with Bush 2 and Obama but I’m discovering there are heretofore unexplored depths we are plumbing with Biden.

Speeding Swiftly

In one of her books, Klara encountered the expression “speeding swiftly” and was incensed.

“Both words mean the same thing!” she protested. “You can’t be speeding slowly. You always speed swiftly!”

I only wish I could transmit this idea to my students.

Economic Phenomenon

The main reason why there is such a flareup of Russian aggression in Ukraine is the Biden administration. Biden’s energy policy reversed Trump’s trajectory towards energy independence and led to record-high energy prices. This gave Russia enough money to ramp up the invasion and enough sway over Europe to make it feasible.

It would be great if the extraordinary unintelligent people who shriek about global warming thought about the actual tragedies they cause with their need to feel important. Obviously, the Biden administration has destroyed the US energy independence and raised global fuel prices for a completely different reason but the facile fools who “care about climate” made it easier.

In a similar way, the Biden administration isn’t increasing crime rates that kill predominantly black people out of racism. It’s simply easier to punish the blacks before everybody else’s turn comes.

Now, why is this all being done? A major goal is to create an environment of fear and insecurity. It’s easier to rob people who are terrified. Of climate change, crime, racism, a virus, a nuclear war with Russia. What we are experiencing is an economic phenomenon.

All of it – COVID, climate alarmism, BLM, foreign policy, crime rates – exists to complete an enormous capital transfer and permanently immiserate the people who consider themselves middle class.

We keep missing this because we still operate with outdated concepts. “US this, Russia that, Canada something else.” But the people who are robbing us don’t think like that anymore. They aren’t national agents. They are class agents.