Face of Evil


This is a serious dude. Was, I mean. You can Google him. A great March 8 present to Ukrainian women.

Brain Fog

I can do the administrative tasks and grade but nothing more complex than that. Even reading isn’t happening. I’ve been trying to read a gossipy novel about rich people in Spain. I usually love this stuff and can fly through a whole book in a day. But now I have to repeat every sentence at least twice in my head to understand it.

I feared this after COVID (remember people talking about the COVID brain fog and the reduction in cognitive ability as a result of infection?). But COVID had no effect. It’s the war fog that got to me.

I’m still undefeated in the Spanish Wordle but lost in English Wordle twice, on the first day of war and on the day when the bombing of Kharkiv began. I know it’s pathetic to care about Wordle but if I don’t have my cognitive function, what do I have? My great people skills? Obviously, not.

Military Objects

To the people who keep saying “Russia only targets military objects”:

This is in Kharkiv, a densely populated residential area of Saltovka.

Link of the Day

Here’s a good thread that explains why it’s not true that there’s no support for the war in Russia. Not only is there support, it massive, overwhelming, and gleeful. Those who oppose are a tiny minority.

The idea that there’s a brutal dictator in Russia who tyrannizes 140 million unwilling victims is based on a denial of reality. It’s cute and comforting. Get rid of the big bad wolf, and a happy Little Red Riding Hood can skip away into the sunset with her adoring grandma.

But there’s no wolf to slaughter and no unwilling victims to liberate. Putin won all of his elections. Yes, he added a few percentage points out of vanity. He likes having overwhelming majorities at the polls. But his actual results were always by far higher than of any US president since Reagan. The maximum you can falsify is 10-15%. Nobody can falsify 60% or 70%.

The guy at the link is absolutely right. The problem isn’t Putin.