Midterms Are Close

The new Law & Order is timidly unwoke. The first episode made the point that defunding the police is a stupid idea. The second suggested that some #MeTooters are lying sociopaths.

Midterms are clearly scaring some people. Let’s not fall for their self-serving retrenchment.

3 thoughts on “Midterms Are Close

  1. I may be waaaay overoptimistic, but I’m really hoping we start seeing the slow death of woke ideology. The type of problems it addresses are vastly fictional and out of phase with the large majority of the population.

    As environmental, economic, safety, and geopolitical issues take center stage, there is no way anybody is going to have bandwidth to pay attention to the idiotic problems that the wokesters scream about. I’d say the wokesters peaked.

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    1. I guess if there’s a bright side to our inevitable financial/economic collapse, it’s that woke is the sort of ideology only the wealthy can afford… so once we’re all poor that’ll certainly go away.


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