Land of the Brave

In the video, a group of unarmed Ukrainians are singing the national anthem as they face off with heavily armed Russians. I promise there are no horrors in this video:

I cried until my eyes stopped opening.

P.S. People are asking what the Ukrainians are saying before they start to sing. They say, “calm down, put your weapon down, just calm down already, you moron.” Ukrainians on the ground know exactly what I’ve been saying all along: Russians are experiencing a massive collective freakout.

What Is a Woman?

This is the real problem with Judge Jackson:

She’s terrified. Terrified of a tiny group of men in dresses to the point where she prefers to look like a complete idiot than to say what a woman is. How can it be a good idea to have a Supreme Court Justice who is so scared of a tiny interest group that she can’t perform an intellectual operation accessible to most 4-year-olds?

Ironically, Jackson was only nominated because she is a woman, as the person nominating her said openly. I assume President Biden isn’t a biologist either. How did he manage to figure out that Judge Brown is a woman if it’s such a fraught task?

Twenty-first century. And we are at a point where we are afraid to say that we know what a woman is.