Interesting Life

You think you have an interesting life? That might be true but I’m going to get tested for COVID by Zoom tomorrow. Try beating that!

I’m going to go practice now because I’ve never done it and I need to prepare. And what unusual new activity are you planning for tomorrow?

I’m With Stupid

I took a short break to look at social media only to discover that a bunch of absolute morons decided that it’s a winning strategy to argue that immigrant babies deserve formula less than non-immigrant babies. Now let’s watch Tucker embrace this narrative because it’s currently the most idiotic one in existence.

My only consolation is that nobody has yet reached the depths of the idiocy that gave us the idea that men can be women if they feel like it. I’m with stupid but not with irredeemably bleeding stupid.

Postcolonialism aka Nationalism

“Postcolonialism” has uniformly positive connotations while “nationalism” has become a swear word. I conducted an experiment with students, asking them to list the words they associate with these terms.

Postcolonialism was associated with freedom, liberation, and rights.

Nationalism was associated with white, racism, and hatred.

This defies all reason because the two words are synonymous. What does postcolonialism want? A country of its own. What is a country in the only sense that we are familiar with? A nation. Every postcolonial movement in existence wanted a nation. Because what else could it possibly want? If it’s bad to be a colony and also bad to be a nation, then what’s good? What should you be?

This is a gaping contradiction at the heart of leftism that nobody is noticing and analyzing. If empire is bad and the only thing that has been known to defeat an empire (which is nationalism) is also bad. . . then what exactly are you trying to say? Why has the word nationalism been reduced to an insult? Whose interests does that serve? What is the postcolonial anti-national model that we are pursuing? Why does it have no name? Why does it remain hidden behind these rhetorical tricks? Is there something wrong with it that we aren’t supposed to notice?

Sometimes, an ideology leaves a seam open to view. The smart thing to do is to pick that seam apart and take a look inside. This is one of those situations.

Whose Strategy?

Do you know what the Left’s strategy of addressing an ailing economy is? Yes, you do because you’ve seen it very recently. It’s sending cash hand-outs to people. The result is always the same. Inflation, labor shortage, stagnating economy, an overheated real está market on the verge of popping. In short, everything we are seeing as a result of COVID stimulus checks. It sounds like such a great idea. Give money directly to the people! And it fails every single time. The Spanish socialists destroyed the Spanish economy with this strategy at the turn of the century, for example.

Do you know the Right’s strategy of dealing with an ailing economy? It’s investing into the military and strengthening the US dollar by asserting global dominance. Sounds so icky. A lot worse than giving money to the people. It works, though. It always works.

The Democrats overplayed their hand and they know it. So they are dialing it back and adopting Republican strategies. On crime, for instance, they are back to strengthening the police departments. And guess what? It’s going to work. Crime rates will go down. But since the Republicans are pouting instead of noticing what’s happening and talking about it, the Dems will be able to claim that “defund police” worked. Because nobody ever held their feet to the fire and forced them to recognize that they had stopped defunding.

On the economy, again, instead of saying, “ah, great, whenever shit hits the fan, the Dems adopt our time-tested Republican strategies,” Republicans eagerly take the bait and stupidly denounce their own favorite and massively effective policies. When the strategies start to work (as they undoubtedly will), what then? After you spent a year braying about how these are stupid ideas that will never work? After you’ve renounced your patrimony, what’s the next step? Well, we all know what it is. The next step is always to pout about how unfair the world is and stoke cheap moral outrage. “Yes, I’m a total loser but I’m morally superior, so there’s that!”

I don’t want moral superiority. I want a win. And I want to live in an America that has the strongest economy in the world, the most comfortable lifestyles, and a great sense of pride in itself. These goals can only be achieved together, and currently they have no champion inside the country. Let’s hope one appears soon.