Already Exists

What possesses people to write such bizarre things? Child support already exists. In exactly this form.

And this isn’t just one person. I’ve seen this argument reiterated endlessly. Do people not know that child support exists?

Another disturbing argument is “the Supreme Court has banned abortion!” Really? Are you sure? No abortions will take place tomorrow?

No, the Supreme Court hasn’t banned anything. I wish it banned needless, annoying hysteria but it’s covered by the freedom of speech right.


After 47 years of marriage that started when she was 22, my mother has no idea how not to be married. She can’t check her voicemail because it was my father’s responsibility, and she doesn’t know the passcode. She has no idea how the financial aspect of life works. And by no idea I mean that she refuses to comprehend that a $1,000 pension can’t cover a $1,300 mortgage. She really has no idea. She drives but she can’t enter an address into the GPS. My Dad didn’t drive but he entered the addresses.

My father was just as helpless without her but in different areas of life. Together, they functioned like a single, perfectly adjusted organism. With one half gone, it isn’t working.

Unfinished Business

It’s a completely different feeling watching a movie about World War I since February 24. It no longer feels distant and incomprehensible.

A hundred years later, and the problem WWI was trying to solve (i.e. splitting up the 3 unwieldy, unmodernizable empires in Europe) is still not solved in full. And there’s still brutal fighting to accomplish it. Two of those empires long gone but one still remains.