Political Persecution

On the same day that Alex Berenson was reinstated on Twitter, another highly effective anti-lockdown activist, Emma Woodhouse, was permanently banned. Since COVID receded into memory, Emma has led the fight to unseat Governor Pritzker here in Illinois. The pretext for her ban was a verbatim quote from an article in The Wall Street Journal. This is clearly politically motivated persecution.

Berenson Is Back

Alex Berenson is back on Twitter. I still can’t get over the fact that he was censored and banned over the following tweet:

I have seen terrible cases of people not being able to persuade Twitter to remove videos of their rapes, including the ones they suffered as children. I’ve seen people receive terrible threats that Twitter left unaddressed. I have seen calls for violence against ethnic groups and sexual minorities. None of that gets banned. But Berenson’s politely worded nerdy tweet got him eliminated from Twitter until he sued them into letting him back in.

There’s something really weird about a medication that is threatened by such a polite, mild dissent about its effectiveness.

Figure of Authority

Yesterday, a grad student from computer sciences showed up to the lab to update our software. The lab was closed because the director and her deputy are away. I offered to open the lab for him but he primly replied that it would be inappropriate. He thought I was a grad student.

I probably should be annoyed that I wasn’t recognized as an important figure of authority that I am but I was very pleased. At my age, it’s more enjoyable to be seen as young than as important.

Brand UK

Boris Johnson is the best thing that happened to Britain in a long time. Unsurprisingly, the Brits aren’t smart enough to appreciate it.

Yes, he fumbled on COVID but who didn’t? The important thing is that he stopped and a lot earlier than other world leaders.

As for the economy, the entire planet is paying for COVID idiocy. But with Johnson the UK finally became a country again. And not just any old country but a true leader in the world. In neoliberal terms, the brand “UK” is today worth about a thousand times more than it did before Johnson. Very, very few politicians have achieved anything like it. Johnson is, in this sense, the exact opposite of Putin who has destroyed the brand “Russia” single-handedly.

I hope Brits wake up and hold on to this talented fellow for dear life.