Spanish Wordle Spoiler

It’s really funny, so I want to share it. Don’t look under the fold if you are still planning to play today.

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On the Move

We traveled in a group, with kids, wearing Ukrainian symbols. Everybody stared at us with kind and respectful curiosity.

And when at the security control my sister revealed that she travels with a Nespresso machine in her handbag, people must have decided we are refugees who escaped with a single, dearly beloved appliance.

Valuable Ideas

A small quote from Arestovich:

The Europe that gave us Descartes’s “I think therefore I am” is now giving us the worldview based on the idea of “My feelings were hurt, therefore I am.” And that’s a dead end.

He also mocks the woke obsession with “green” fads in a really funny way.

What I find interesting is that there are clear similarities between Arestovich’s thinking and that of the conservative Argentinean historian Marcelo Gullo Omodeo. Both say that Europe has amputated any possibility of the future for itself when it started on the road of self-denunciation and historical guilt. Now, Arestovich and Gullo Omodeo say, Europe is only a museum for tourists from other parts of the world. The parts of the world where people love life and don’t think we all need to live in pods and take a shower once a month “to save the planet.”

I’m sure Arestovich and Gullo Omodeo never heard of each other. This is good because it means these ideas are cropping up in many different places.

Bad Affect

The only time YouTube (or any website) gives me Republican political ads instead of a barrage of the Democratic ones is when I listen to the chief Ukrainian ideologue Arestovich. He’s a brilliant man, speaks beautifully, and has the kind of insight that is sorely lacking in the world since Zygmunt Bauman’s death. I was listening to Arestovich explain why the EU is a doomed project when the video was interrupted by a Ron DeSantis ad.

Folks, oy vey, someone make this go away. I love DeSantis’s policies. He’s amazing. But I don’t think he can win nationally. He has a horrible voice and the charm of a meat grinder. I love the words he’s saying but the voice and the affect are so off-putting, I didn’t listen to the end. Most normies outside of Florida have absolutely no idea who he is. I don’t know how he’ll be able to win them over.

Video of the Day

To start your weekend off right, here’s a beautiful video of Ukrainian soldiers coming home from the war and reuniting with their loved ones:

In spite of the warning that appears on some devices, the content is sensitive only in the way that it gives you the feels.

Castrated Lives

My news feed is filled with stories of unbelievable bravery of Ukrainians fighting for sovereignty. And every once in a while I come across something like this:

It’s amazing to think that people would waste their lives on something this pathetic when they’ve been so fortunate as to live in peace and opulence. When I imagine how proud of themselves they are after this pitiful prank, I feel deep compassion for their castrated lives.