More About Neoliberal Crises

When there’s no real crisis that can be dragged out and used to justify the extraordinary measures of disciplining and hurting the population, crises are invented. Right before the COVID crisis, there was a completely manufactured Trump crisis.

Nobody can name any actual policy of Trump’s that was all that different from Obama’s but remember all the howling, the drama, the impeachments, the wails and screams about fascism and democracy in danger? Nothing was happening. There was no crisis. But who cares? The fake crisis worked just as well.

And now the fictitious “abortion ban” is being used for the same purpose. After that’s milked for all it is worth, there’ll be something else. And something else.

I know somebody who embraces every one of these real and fake crises with passionate abandon. Next week she’ll have to remove all of her stuff out of the office she’s been in for 15 years because we never again are going to have a contract for her or any other lecturer. There was a time when this could have been averted but now it’s too late.

My Theory

I was asked by a Czech journal to review an article about Greek literature. Because it uses my theory! I’m so glad. The whole point was precisely that the permanent, never-ending crisis is a global phenomenon. I’m happy people outside of my field are catching on.

The theory is what I wrote about yesterday. I predicted back when the Great Recession took place that it wasn’t going to end. Instead, it was going to mutate into another crisis, then another, and then another. And with each iteration of this endless crisis we would lose wealth, rights, and and the rest of the good things we have gotten used to in the nation-state.

As we are all seeing now, my theory is being proven right in real time.

I have a new theory now. Or the beginnings of one. It’s about how we will wake up from the collective hypnosis that we are in and that is facilitating this robbery masked as crisis. Stay tuned.

Buying a Human

When a fashion accessory you purchase isn’t satisfactory, it makes sense to sue.

It is absolutely horrid that children are being sold to consumers who are hormonally incapable of bonding to them.