Get Paid to Cheat

Oye new top administrator wants to move the graduation rate from 60% to 90%. He told us we need to achieve this feat in a year. No suggestion about introducing admission requirements was made, which means that the plan is untenable.

In a state of panic, some subservient minds have come up with a plan. They’ll pair students who are taking a certain course with those who already passed it. Then they’ll pay those who passed to “help” the new students. Get it? Hand your tests and quizzes over to a new generation of students, and the university will pay you to do it.

This isn’t as funny though, as when the chief administrator compared out graduation rates with those of an Ivy League school and then spent the next 5 minutes repeating, “But why? Why are their graduation rates so much higher than ours? Does anybody know?”

People have been so brainwashed that I believe many of them sincerely don’t know.


Valery, a Ukrainian farmer near Kyiv, reclaimed the plot of land where a Russian tank has died. He planted a vegetable patch around the tank and is using its body for a compost pit:

Note a little flower bed by the side of the turret.

I hope this inspires all of us to start the week well. If Valery can, so can we.