At the Center

There seems to be another Trump-themed kerfuffle going on. I’m starting to think that about 90% of people in this country did not have a meaningful, positive father figure. It’s utterly unimportant if they love Trump or hate him. They are identical in experiencing a pathological need to put him at the center of their emotional lives.

There’s the opposite of polarization in the US. People are united like never before. Absolutely nothing can distract them from their single-minded purpose of feeling something about Trump.

The Anti-people Philosophy

It’s fascinating how much neoliberals hate people. The existence of people drives them around the bend. They are convinced that every problem at every organization is caused by there being too many workers. The recipe for every budget ill is to get rid of workers. The recipe for saving the planet is to reduce the number of people. Children should be castrated as early as possible to prevent the eventual appearance of additional people. During COVID, children and people who dared bring them into the world were punished the most. People keep wondering why monkeypox isn’t causing any calls for lockdowns. But gay sex doesn’t result in children, so it doesn’t annoy neoliberals.

Why neoliberalism is so anti-people I still don’t fully understand.