Smart in Chile

Looks like a significant majority of Chileans has rejected the proposed new constitution that is crazy woke. Why it was necessary to spend three years coming up with a happy wokester manifesto posing as a constitution is unclear. What the people of Chile had to vote on today was less a constitution than a wish list cobbled together by a bunch of uninformed hippy-dippy children.

Bad Ad

I always vote for our local state representative who is a former colleague. Her opponents are always some spoiled trust fund brats and she is a normal person. But in this electoral cycle she’s doing everything to annoy me. Her campaign ads are everywhere and all she talks about in them is how much she supports Planned Parenthood. This gets on my nerves not because I don’t support Planned Parenthood, which after the “livers, we’ve got livers” video I definitely do not, but because abortion is not a problem in Illinois. We have the entire state border with Missouri decorated with billboards saying “Come to Illinois where abortion is easy.” What I’d like to hear instead is what she’s doing to make sure Illinoisans have a higher standard of living and have all the children they want. We are in a state of demographic collapse in Illinois because people are leaving in droves.

I so don’t want to vote for her opponent who is a multimillionaire heiress posing as “a small business owner.” But it’s getting so, I don’t think I’ll have a choice.

Real Hunger Games

This symbolizes perfectly what the Russian culture has become. A bunch of degenerates living in insane opulence are siccing the hungry, stupid population on the rest of the world for fun.

I’m calling them degenerates not because of the costumes. Kirkorov is a horrible person. Purchased babies from a surrogate mother and chucked her away. The babies are accessories, dragged out for photo ops and then left with servants for months. He hates women and got in a huge public scandal for beating a female employee for annoying him. But he’s an idol in Russia, adored with religious fervor by the population.