Mother’s Love

I listened to an intercepted call between a Russian soldier and his mother. The soldier is trying to explain that he’s in a terrible situation, most of his comrades are dead, wounded, or ran away. The mother explains that he deserves this because in his previous life he was a traitor to the homeland. I never thought I could feel sorry for a Russian soldier but. . . Yeah. Dying in the war will be a happy liberation for the miserable fellow.

Obviously, she’s eager to get the payout from his death but the guy refuses to bite it and tries to figure out how to stay alive, so she’s upset.

Symbolic Breakdown

Remember how on the day of the Kharkiv counteroffensive that liberated 200 square km Putin attended the inauguration of a ferris wheel in Moscow to show that everything was fine?

That ferris wheel already broke down. Took it less than a day.

These are useless, stupid people who can’t even make a ferris wheel work.

Socialism and Men

Arestovich correctly says that socialism is hostile to men because in this system the state plays the role of the man.

Neoliberalism is a lot more inclusive because it dislikes all people. There are too many of these annoying buggers for neoliberalism and it wants to get rid of them both in the workplace and in general. Neoliberalism loves identity because it pits different identity groups against each other to weaken and weed out all of them.

Elevator Joy

I went into an elevator, the doors closed but I was so absorbed in my news updates on the phone that I forgot to press a button. All I was aware of as I stood alone in the closed elevator box was a sense of great well-being because I was completely hidden from other people.

It’s not even 10 am here, and I’ve already been visited by 3 people in my office. I don’t need so many people in my life.