Outer Space Experience

The seminar gave me the kind of insight that feels like I’ve come into the outer space. It’s a very intense thing. But it’s also completely exhausting. I’m too tired even to read, so I’m listening to an old Cormoran Strike Audible.

Satanic Watermelons

I’m in a live seminar with Arestovich, and one of the several hundred attendees is a he/him. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what a he/him can possibly want from a seminar where we are in the second hour of discussing the majesty of God.

P.S. We are now drawing a visual representation of the human yearning for God, and the he/him came up with a mix between something vaguely Satanic and a watermelon.

There’s literally nowhere to hide from the he/hims and their Satanic watermelons.

Political Self-sabotage

As if we didn’t have enough trouble with the Republican party trying to do its darndest to avoid a red wave in November that looked inevitable only a few months ago, now Ron DeSantis is working hard to not be elected president with his Martha’s Vineyard stunt.

The guiding principle for a politician is “how does this action help me attract the voters who wouldn’t have voted for me otherwise?” It’s not “how do I troll the opponent in a way that pleases a few hardcore supporters and repels everybody undecided or middle-of-the-road?”

The churches in Martha’s Vineyard threw themselves into helping the migrants. The migrants themselves look like sweet, normal people with kids. In the meantime, neither the cartels and the gangsters who shipped them nor the rich bastards vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard have been punished in any way. And DeSantis has portrayed himself as somebody who’s impotent against the cartels so he uses a 7-year-old kid clutching her stuffy to make a point that nobody fully understands.

The only winning strategy here would be to demonstrate that Democrats treat migrants like human refuse. It shouldn’t be hard because that’s exactly what they do. Trying to outdo them at this game by treating the migrants in the same manner is pointless. Showing kindness and Christian charity – like those churches in Martha’s Vineyard are doing – while denouncing the policies that make the migrants’ countries of origin uninhabitable is the winning strategy. Trolling for the sake of trolling is loserish tactic with no long-term strategy behind it.

“Now these rich bastards will see!” No, they won’t. They’ll outsource the problem as they always do, and you’ll look like a dick for no gain.