Bad Writer, Good Wokester

This is precisely what I talked about in the last post:

How much do you think it would cost to hire somebody in India or Nigeria to write this post without murdering the title? I’m guessing a lot less than the author who lives in Seattle and is linguistically impotent.

Vanessa Cronin can’t write and can’t be bothered to learn. She sells wokeness in hopes that this will be enough to keep her employed in the absence of other skills. But there’s no need for more than one expensive wokester at a company. Wokeness will never be a good substitute for skill.

We Are Stupid

Since 2020, I’ve been asking people one question: if your job can be done just as well remotely as in person, why shouldn’t the employer fire you and hire somebody in Panama at 10% of your overall cost? What is it that you provide that is worth such a high premium?

I never got a single response. I’m still wondering how people explain this to themselves. They did their damndest to make the case for being completely dispensable. How do they explain this to themselves?

In teaching in particular – as well as in all jobs that don’t require some really unique skill – we should have fought like ferocious tigers to stay in the classroom.