Conspiracy Theories

As conspiracy theories go, this one is probably among the most bizarre:

This is not a lady ranting under a bridge about mysterious cabals of ultrasound machine makers. She almost became the governor of Georgia.

It’s Here

Fall came suddenly yesterday evening. It was 100°F well until past 6 pm. Then, all of a sudden, the endless summer broke and within minutes the Fall was here.

This area is paradise once it stops being infernally hot. Imagine all this beautiful nature around, and you can’t enjoy it without feeling like a Christmas turkey in the oven.

Boring Newspeak

Spot on. I get as bored when hearing “Russophobia” as I do in response to “amplify diverse voices.”

It’s all phobias and hates with these people. Whenever you say anything they don’t like, they diagnose you with a completely invented mental disorder. And you know why? They want us all pegged with a diagnosis to get us into the permanently drugged up state I wrote about in the previous post.

Who’s a Reservist?

In Russia, every man who went to college is considered an army reservist. You can either get drafted out of high school or go to college, get military training and military rank there, and become an army reservist who is eligible to be drafted at any time.

N holds the rank of lieutenant in the Russian army because he went to college. It’s an old Soviet system of complete militarization.

So when people say, “Putin is only drafting military reservists,” they don’t understand that it’s pretty much all men. Or at least, all men who don’t have money for a bribe.

Fluid vs Solid

Moreover, the person who came up with the term “fluid capital” is the neo-Marxist Zygmunt Bauman.

The alternative to liquid capitalism is not socialism or any of that kind of garbage. It’s the solid capitalism that is grounded in permanence and reality and easily coexists with the idea that women don’t have penises. It’s the capitalism that we used to have and that enriched the world like nothing before or since.

My conservatism is that of a return to solid capitalism and the nation-state as the form of government that serves its best. This fluid, borderless, highly ideological and completely tribal postmodern state form and the new form of capitalism it serves that we are experiencing is an aberration. It doesn’t work. We tried it, it sucked, we can let it go now.

The middle class – which was the greatest achievement of solid capitalism – doesn’t exist in the fluid stage. All there is in fluid capitalism is the transnational oligarchy, its third-world slaves, and the former middle class that is drugged up, brainwashed, hooked up to machines, and locked up at home for its own good.