Cultural Specifics

When I write the word “cheap” in Russian, the first choice that the spell-check offers to compliment it is “prostitutes.”

In Ukrainian, it gives me “airplane tickets” and “hotels.”

In English, “cheap” is followed by “manipulators” but that because I use the expression a lot.

Old Soldiers

It’s kind of really weird to think that if N were in Russia right now, he could have been drafted.

The Good and the Bad

On the negative side, the mystery boxes filled with surprise art supplies for kids at our local art fair have gone from $25 to $35 in a year. Maybe I’m weird in thinking that $35 is not a negligible amount of money and a 40% increase in a year is steep. The art supplies are great, I can’t complain but still, it’s a huge jump.

On the positive side, though, I somewhat randomly found out what keto dieters use for breadcrumbs. You know, the ones for frying chicken or kotlety.

Crushed pork rinds! I immediately bought some and can’t wait to try them on my famous kotlety. Truly, human ingenuity has no limits.

Does anybody have any other food tricks? I remember years ago somebody on the blog recommended nutritional yeast, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.