Independent Child

Klara spent the week at home alone because of her double ear infection. Of course, she wasn’t physically alone in the house. N works from home but his job requires deep, unbroken concentration, and he can’t entertain her.

She had a wonderful time. Reading, drawing, listening to books on tapes, conducting science experiments, building pillow forts and inventing vehicles for her toys. Both I and N was like this in childhood, so we aren’t surprised.

This is such a great time in a person’s life when you don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. Time is completely your own and you follow your imagination on long, unhurried adventures. Arestovich says that the disciplinarian society increases the pace of our inner life to a feverish pitch because this way we are easy to control. It’s by slowing down our inner (meaning, the one inside you) pace that we find freedom.

On the negative side, after a week of a six-year-old’s uninterrupted play, the house is a dung heap.

No Reaction

This happens regularly in the Russian Belgorod. The resident’s reaction? There isn’t any.