More Pervy

I have to say, though, people deserve their rulers. Those women in Putin’s album are really weird, too. If your husband is fighting in a war, one would think the last thing you’d want to do is pose in a ballroom gown for an album to be sent to some old lech. Or anybody.

I’m starting to think these might not be actual military wives but hookers posing as wives. Putin is known for having planes filled with prostitutes shipped to his palaces. Maybe his lackeys found a new way to spice up the old boring hookers. It’s really sad that this is the most positive scenario I can think of.


For my sins, I just came across a video of Putin ogling photos of the wives of combat soldiers. “Pretty. . . very pretty women,” he says almost drooling on the glossy pictures of future (or possibly recent) widows. “Can I keep the album?”

The creepiest part isn’t that Putin is an old perv. Everybody knows that already. It’s that his propaganda office thought it’s a good idea to make the video public.

Here’s the video. It’s in Russian but it’s clear what’s happening from the images. I’m making a huge effort not to think about what the old degenerate is going to do with these photos.


I’m so sad. My favorite Associate Dean who was carrying the whole college on his shoulders got promoted out of the college. This is a man who inspired me every day with his work ethic that always made it clear to me what made this country great.

I don’t even know if I want to be Chair anymore because it’s all going to be one sad mess without this guy. I’m happy for him, of course. He deserves the promotion. It’s all going to be a huge mess without him.

At the meeting where this was announced, I couldn’t even say anything nice to him because I was afraid I’d cry. Then I yelled at the Dean for 15 minutes, and that made me feel better.

The reason I yelled at the Dean is that the administration is creating terrible working conditions for our non-tenured workers, expecting them to work for free as they wait for a contract that might never be offered. The Dean said, “Many people don’t work for money but because they like teaching.” At that point, I completely lost it because that’s a guy who makes $140,000 a year and he thinks it’s cute to say that people who are paid $3,200 to teach a course should be happy to work for free. Thankfully, the Chair of Sociology hates this kind of thing even more than I do, so she joined in at an even higher pitch.

That’s what we are left with now that our Associate Dean is leaving. This cheap, vapid casuistry of “you are a loser Chair if you can’t get people to work for free.”

True Friends

Have you ever brought a book with you to class that you aren’t planning to teach and that has nothing to do with the class because you can’t bear to be separated from it?

I do that regularly. I’m currently lugging everywhere a bag with 5 heavy volumes because I like having them around. There are 20 steps from my office to my classroom, and the books make that journey with me every day I teach.


I sent my Russian teacher story in a text message to my husband. His response was “?”

I have no idea ? what.

? how are you bearing up?

? why is she so clueless?

? does she have a husband?

Once he was taking Klara to the emergency room, and I was texting him furiously. “How is she? Are you there yet? What are the doctors saying? Is she in pain?”

His response was “fine.” What exactly was fine in the experience was never clarified.

Nationalism or Globalism?

Now you tell me if this is nationalism or globalism.

The official name of this approach is “the Russian world.” It posits that Russia is wherever anybody speaks Russian. Since it’s very easy to deliver a Russian-speaker to any place in the world, this means the whole world is Russia.

The main difference between nationalism and globalism is that nationalism believes that culture is rooted in the land, place, and physical location while globalism doesn’t. For globalism, it’s all in the people and products, and those are easy to transport.

With all of its talk of diversity, globalism is strangely monotone and boring. The guy in the video imagines hearing an identical song and drinking an identical beverage in every corner of the planet.

Of course, in its extreme forms, nationalism also had the dream of world domination. But it never went from “I will dominate you” to “I will be you.” Globalism doesn’t recognize boundaries, and you can see it in everything. Take, for instance, the concept of “unconscious bias.” This is a manifestation of the “I will be you” ideology. I know better than you do what’s in your unconscious because I am everything.

No boundary between the reality and the imagination is another manifestation of the same approach.