A Study in Contrasts

I asked for a bowl of mushroom soup and the waitress brought me this bath tub.

Maybe it doesn’t look that big in the picture but I couldn’t put my arms around it without bending into the soup. (To hold my phone while I read, obviously.)

I could have asked for a cup but then they bring you this tiny thing where you aren’t sure if there’s soup or somebody forgot to wash the dregs off somebody else’s cup.

There’s no middle option. Like everything in America, it’s either amazing or total crap. It’s mostly amazing, of course.

Quote on Egalitarianism

There’s a difference between democracy and egalitarianism, and no matter how strongly you might feel about the former, nothing’s more toxic to the soul than the latter. Too often the promise of a union isn’t fair treatment but rather equal treatment. Do you do a good job or a shitty one? Doesn’t matter. Your union has fought hard for a living wage, so you’ll get it.

Richard Russo, The Destiny Thief