Kharkiv Pizza

Today I discovered that since I emigrated, my native city of Kharkiv invented a new variety of pizza. This Kharkiv pizza has a very bready pie and instead of tomato sauce is covered with a liter of mayonnaise. Toppings are placed over the mayonnaise.

It’s a hallmark of Soviet cuisine that absolutely any dish is a vehicle for delivering mayonnaise into the human body. I never imagined, though, that not even pizza would be spared.

A Colombian Communist in Ukraine

Castillo is originally from Colombia. He was brought to Spain at age 16. When he started college in Spain, he joined a militant Communist group. The group was investigated by the Spanish authorities for arms trafficking, and to avoid arrest, Castillo went to the Donbass in 2014 and joined the Communist Party there. Obviously, the Communist Party in the Donbass is pro-Russian. There’s no such thing in nature as a “pro-Ukrainian Communist Party.” I hope I don’t need to explain why but if I do, please let me know.

Castillo died at the frontlines fighting against the Ukrainian army. The president of Colombia Gustavo Petro tweeted that Castillo wanted to be a revolutionary, and the revolution means peace, which in turn means that the young Communist died in the Russian war of invasion defending peace. This is the actual president of Colombia, which tells us everything we need to know about the prospects of that country.

Gustavo Petro is a former guerrilla fighter in a Marxist guerrilla force. It’s really curious that his statements about the war in Ukraine are identical to what Tucker Carlson says.

Weird Reality

We are living in a weird reality. How is it possible that a drug-addled psychotic nudist and hemp jewelry maker who lives with a Russian hippie lady managed to get access to the residence of the US House Speaker and beat her husband with a hammer? Do the Pelosis have no security guards?

Of all the weird news stories, I’d say this is the most out there one.

The Death of Ottawa

My relatives traveled to Ottawa this week. Ottawa was always a very homey, cozy, safe and lovely place. I was there with Klara right before COVID, and it was great, extremely kid-friendly, and comfortable.

But now, it turns out, Ottawa has become a mini-Vancouver. There’s a large homeless encampment right in front of the Parliament Buildings. The homeless are grouping around a thriving pot shop. They are very aggressive. Many are clearly psychotic. They exercise their bodily functions right in the open, which means the place is no longer kid- or tourist-friendly.

I remember how the trucker protesters were deemed extremely dangerous and forcibly removed from Ottawa. The drug-addled homeless, on the other hand, don’t seem to bother the authorities. I know I sound like a broken record at this point but I have to mention once again that making daily life dangerous and uncomfortable is not a bug. It’s a feature. People are supposed to be afraid of going outside. COVID, crime, the homeless, the addicts – anything goes in the pursuit of this goal. Homeless encampments are being created in the cities that used to be the most walkable and safe. Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Ottawa – these were the gems of North America where you could enjoy the advantages of a big city without having to sacrifice your capacity to have children and raise them in a comfortable, safe environment.