Everything Is Anti-something

How is it “anti-LGBTQ” to say Paul Pelosi is gay? It can be untrue but the existence of gay people isn’t in itself anti anything. And it definitely has nothing to do with the LTQ part of the acronym.

Voting Disinfo

As soon as I informed several Dem campaigns that I’m voting Republican this time, I started getting messages from an organization called “Voto Latino” with false information about the voting process. They went as far as texting me a photo of the address where they claim I’m supposed to vote. And it’s miles from my actual voting place.

I’m not saying there’s a connection but it’s interesting that all of a sudden I’m at the receiving end of such blatant misdirection. Somebody less anal and obsessive as myself could easily be taken in by this and schlep over to the wrong place to vote.

Also, I never claimed to be a latina and never had any dealings with Voto Latino. I’m a registered Democrat, and I only ever get contacted by Dem campaigns.