Waiting for the Results

It looks like the DeSantis win in Florida might be the only major win for our side tonight. I hope this is a lesson in what works for the rest of GOP.

Gaslighting Tactics

And if Democrats at least recognized what they did, if they said, “yeah, that ‘defund the police’ thing was a mistake” and “yes, shouldn’t have closed down the schools and forced toddlers into masks. We were scared, we made a mistake, sorry”, I would look at them kindly.

Even if they continued defending the defund the police, the 2020 riots, the school closures, the masked 2-year-olds – gosh, even that would be better than what they are actually doing which is this high-handed, supercilious gaslighting of the people whose brains don’t get wiped clean every night.

Every time I hear the now standard Democrat roll call of “what riots of 2020? You watch too much Fox News! We never supported defunding the police, and it was Republicans who closed down schools because they are ray-ceest,” I lose it. This is gaslighting, pure and simple.

Another pet peeve is the drama around election denialism. After denying the inconvenient election results in 2000 (and having large parts of the base deny them in 2004), after the nutso denialism of the clearly mentally impaired Stacey Abrams, after the denialism of 2016 that led to an utterly debunked “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory, you’ve got to have some really massive agallas even to bring up the topic of election denialism.

From Person to Concept

What’s really funny is that back in the 1990s, the 2000s and in the early 2010s, Democrats blamed their election losses on rich donors. There was an obsession on the Left with the Wall Street and the Koch brothers of enormous proportions.

But Democrats no longer blame rich people for their election losses because rich people now support them. They have become the party of Wall Street. So what to do? They tried using Russians but Russians are of limited use because it’s hard to explain their active involvement in state and local elections.

Instead, the vague concept of “misinformation” was chosen, and it’s a great find. Misinformation is everything and nothing. It’s whatever you don’t like at any given moment. All you need to decide what’s misinformation is to proclaim yourself the (and I mean THE) source of truth.

Happy Voting Day!

In my Cervantes class, we keep discussing what or who is the source of the truth. Is there a source of truth that exists outside of us and what is it? And what happens when we decide that we are the only source of truth?

This is why the following looked particularly funny:

In Illinois, Voting Day is a state holiday, and I plan to enjoy this handout as I go vote against further handouts.

Klara asked what the voting is about. I said we are electing people to the government.

“Gunmint?” she asked. “Wasn’t it gunmint who made me wear a mask at school?”

I confirmed that it was.

“Don’t vote for that gunmint, Mommy,” she said. “It’s not nice.”