Unteachable Dems

Some people are unteachable. The CNN broadcast Trump’s campaign announcement in full while Hannity on Fox didn’t. Once again, the Democrat media are trying to get Trump nominated. Once again, they believe he’ll be easy to beat and offer an easy win to the Dem nominee.

Do they never learn anything? A rabbit would have figured out by now that this is a bad plan.

These people created an utterly ridiculous narrative (“Trump lost the midterms”), repeated it many times, ended up believing it, and are now acting as if their fantasy were reality. Never mind that the fantasy that “Trump is unelectable” already backfired royally in recent memory.

They are going to hang on his every breath again, give him outlandish amount of airtime again, get him elected again, and have a massive freakout when he wins – also again.

Is There a Cost?

Now they are asking? What kind of an incredible bastard mutilates healthy children and then starts wondering about the consequences? Excuse me, not consequences. “Costs.” To “buy time.” The semantic field is overcharged with market terminology.

We have a family in the parish, five kids, dad left mom just as one of the girls hit puberty. You don’t have to be Freud to figure out why in this situation the girl cut her hair short, started wearing boy clothes and answering to a boy name. This is a religious family – at least the mom is; the dad quit both the mom and the church – so there was no plan to medicate the girl.

And guess what? Like these kids almost invariably do, she grew out of it. This past Sunday she was at church looking radiant in a beautiful frilly dress, and her hair is growing back.

But if some eager bastard started medicating and surgically altering this girl in response to what’s clearly a psychological issue, she wouldn’t have walked away from it so easily.