Family Games

A family game we really enjoy is guessing a title of a book from an inventive description of its plot. You can ask yes/no questions to get hints.

“A gloomy curmudgeonly animal loses body parts to attract his friends’ attention.”

“A young lady has a complicated but not completely unproductive relationship with mirrors and bunnies.”

What family games do you play?

Turn Around

Instead of celebrating that they didn’t lose the midterms quite that badly, Democrats – and I don’t mean the leadership but good, well-meaning folks who vote blue – need to think long and hard about what they are doing to create this environment of fear, especially among the young and the working class people.

I know it was started with the best possible intentions. But it didn’t work. Now is time to dial back. There’s something we can all do to move away from this dead end. Everybody needs to make a conscious decision to stop using words “racism, fascism, authoritarianism, -phobia” outside of scholarly research on fascist Italy, etc or clinical psychology. Stop using the words “hate and hatred.” They’ve been used more than enough. It’s time to give them a rest. Stop using the expression “harmful speech” and “hate speech.” This rhetoric isn’t helping. It’s making us all prisoners of fear.

We already have a generation of permanently scared youngsters on our hands. We have colleges where people exist in fear. Let’s just all step back and it do this any more.