The Light of the World

America is the light of the world, literally and figuratively. I’m very proud and thankful. Such great people, such a wonderful country.

Wrong Name

My Nigerian GA is applying for a PhD program in the US. He’s been with us for a year, and he seemed very smart but now I’m discovering that he’s learned nothing. His name is Adebowale but he’s putting “Gabriel” on his applications instead. If you’ve studied in the US for a year and you still haven’t figured out that Adebowale beats Gabriel on a college application, I’m starting to wonder about your powers of observation.

Destroying Math

In September 2022, three researchers published the provocatively titled article, ‘Do Introductory Courses Disproportionately Drive Minoritized Students Out of STEM Pathways?’ That article got loads of social media publicity for its conclusion that unequal withdrawal rates from STEM degree tracks are due to systemic racism.

This article is bunk. It’s been eviscerated immediately because of the faulty research and reasoning it’s based on. But it doesn’t matter. This article is being used to punish and destroy STEM programs at many universities, including mine. Professors of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are being publicly humiliated and insulted as racists. The goal is to eliminate these programs, reduce the funding for higher education, and funnel the money into the pockets of some mega-rich but morally superior victim.

Elite Leftism

Why are the rich so left-wing?

Leftism allows them to see themselves as morally superior to the people they oppress. It’s very convenient to be able to wipe out whole communities with fentanyl if you have convinced yourself that they are racistsexistsomethingphobes and you are doing the world a favor by getting rid of them.

People say leftism is similar to religion but there are important differences.

In the leftist system of beliefs, there is no conversion and no expiation of sins. What’s worse, there’s no immanent core to it. Everything is completely fluid, and the commandments change in the blink of an eye, often to their exact opposite. There is no sacred text. Instead, an imaginary group of victims (“an indigenous person of color who self-identifies as a homeless, formerly incarcerated, part-time sex-working man of trans experience”) is invested with sacral importance. This group is as fluid and impossible to pin down as anything else in this ideology.

There’s no moral code. The most egregious offenses will be justified and the most innocuous actions condemned based on a constantly shifting system of beliefs nobody fully understands. Great wealth is the only thing that can insulate one from being fed to the wolves for something that was retroactively declared a crime. And herein lies the secret of leftism’s attraction for the rich. They can reap its benefits without having to suffer its ills. For those who have to work, this ideology is a source of terror. For those who don’t, it’s a source of pleasure.