Lockdown Protests

I saw that there are anti-lockdown protests in China. Can’t wait to see how Washington Post will make the case that the Chinese protesters are Nazis.

COVID Theater

The US still requires non-citizens to show vaccine passports at the border. This creates all sorts of delays because people don’t know this.

“You have no idea what much the airport workers hate this,” an airport worker told me.

As everything COVID-related, this makes no sense. A passport doesn’t protect you from spreading COVID. It’s all stupid theater.


Since everybody is talking about Nick Fuentes, I want to tell a little story about him.

Nick Fuentes is a neo-Nazi. Not a rhetorical one (and I hate having to make these disclaimers but the word has been robbed of its meaning) but a real one. A Holocaust denier, a Jew-hater, all that.

Fuentes was always a Putin groupie, chanting “Putin! Putin!” at his poorly attended meetups.

Then Putin announced that Russia invaded Ukraine to fight Nazis. (Since then, the narrative changed, and currently Russians are fighting satanists in Ukraine).

But what a conundrum for poor, silly Fuentes! If Putin is against Nazis, and Nazis are in Ukraine… then should Fuentes be for Ukraine? And against Putin? Unthinkable! Plus, Zelensky is a Jew, and that makes things even more complicated for Fuentes’s undeveloped intellect.