A Sarcastic Critic

If you are a literary person and a Spanish-speaker, please drop everything and read Carlos Granés’ Delirio americano: una historia cultural y política de América Latina.

Granés is not only exceptionally erudite with a vast knowledge of Latin American avant-garde, he also has a knack for a subtle yet deadly takedown like nobody else. This is literary criticism as a form of art. The book is funny, sarcastic, knowledgeable, and anti-woke. There are no sacred cows for this author, and he’s especially bored with wounded identities that are in vogue today. He also has fascinating insights into who invented wounded identities and why.

I’m only on page 127 but I’ll write in more detail when I finish.

Circular Game

I definitely need a break from teaching. I noticed that when N plays with Klara, he has a large repertoire of games. And I always somehow end up playing the same game where I’m a teacher and Klara and her toys are students. Yesterday, we started playing mommies and also ended up in the same game of teacher and students. I’m very bored with that game because we’ve been playing it for years. But my brain is fried, and I can’t snap out of it.

I know, people will tell me to try board games. And I have but guess what? Every board game turns into a game about a teacher and students playing a board game.

From Peru

Ah, well, it looks like with the attention of his Moscow handlers turned elsewhere, the Commie president of Peru Pedro Castillo has been ousted from office.

I spent some time with a Peruvian relative over the Thanksgiving break and she was telling me about how bad Castillo has been for the country. Now it looks like he tried to conduct a coup and was thrown out as a result.

Is it possible that Latin America is finally learning something?

Probably not but it’s still good to see Peru free of Castillo.

I’ve Seen It All

Now I’ve really seen everything. Russian children are standing in front of Orthodox holy icons and singing about the joys of a nuclear war that will deliver a strike on Washington. In the song, a nuclear war is something fun, cute, and homey.

In the USSR, we were afraid of a nuclear war. It was never presented as something desirable. It was never glorified. We always knew that we wouldn’t start it because that was the most evil thing to do.

Children, holy icons… and a glorification of a nuclear war. I’ve now seen it all but I’d like to unsee it.

Twitter Ads

Why are people saying that Twitter has lost its advertisers? I have ads from Amazon, Samsung, Nintendo, Dr Pepper, Walmart, etc in my feed. If anything, I’d say I’m getting more ads than ever.

Twitter has a better ad algorithm than YouTube which always shows me ads for the exact things I purchased the day before. I wonder if ad buyers are aware that YouTube wastes their money on reaching out to those who already made a purchase.