Twitter Files

Is everybody reading the Twitter files?

I’m most fascinated by the hubris of the former Twitter operatives who thought it was up to them to be the arbiters of Good and Bad.

I’m even more interested in their extraordinary pettiness and parochialism. The people they thought merited censorship weren’t warlords, dictators or terrorists. They were Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Chaya Raichik, Dan Bongino, and Charlie Kirk.

You’ve got this enormous power, and you use it to. . . hassle the Libs of Tik Tok account? Shadowban Charlie Kirk? I thought the only person who took Charlie Kirk very seriously was Charlie Kirk.

And Jay Bhattacharya? The nerdy Stanford prof? You are really scraping the barrel if you think he’s a baddie in need of suppression.

I won’t even talk about Dan Bongino because, honestly.

This is all so incredibly… small. These people were censored over very insignificant transgressions. You’ve got all this power and you unleash it against Charlie Kirk? How do you not feel completely pathetic after that? These Twitter operatives sound like they had the mental age of 11.

Biden Releases Merchant of Death

A notorious arms dealer known under the nickname Merchant of Death, arrested on terrorism charges for providing anti-aircraft missiles to FARC and finally convicted in New York for a lifetime of running guns to every dictator in the world has been. . . released.

If you’ve seen the movie Lord of War with Nicholas Cage, this dude was the inspiration for the main character.

Just think about it, folks. A Russian gunrunner. Sent back to Russia. Just when Russia is scrambling to buy weapons illegally around the world.

And why was he released? Why was he sent to Russia to help Putin buy weapons on the black market?

This was all done so that Russians would release some American druggie they arrested some time ago.

Nah, you’ll say. Nobody cares about a random druggie to this degree.

Well, this druggie also has a whole soup of favored identities. The Biden administration is now filling the airwaves with a litany of her identities while the Merchant of Death is on his way to resume his profession.